PT Kencana Indah Plastic Indonesia (KIPI) is committed to increasing for good jobs and trying to make improvements continuously in producing and providing services with consistent quality and fulfill standards accepted locally and internationally, so providing a positive contribution to business our overall.


We are also committed to: 

- Providing total customer satisfaction
- Developing professionalism
- Applying the principles of quality in ISO 9000:2008 and Occupational Safety and Health (K3)
- Controlling the risk of K3 from products and services produced by the company
- Preventing any losses, accidents and diseases from work effects.
- Avoiding the use of materials containing hazardous and toxic (B3)
- Obeying with the applicable laws.


This policy is available to all stakeholders and our commitment is communicated and announced to all employees.

Semarang, December 2009
PT Kencana Indah Plastik Indonesia